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7 Nov, 2019

The Live player is always at the top position and live broadcasts will appear here. Click the play button to start playing the live stream. Expand the players to full screen for best user experience and to reveal additional player controls.

The dual player layout is ideal for recurring events or multi broadcast events such as sports tournaments with already completed broadcasts appearing below as VOD content.

On Demand

This is the VOD (Video on Demand) player. This player hosts a playlist of all previously completed broadcasts making them available for 24/7 viewing. Never miss the action!

Click or tap the playlist block to reveal a vertical list of completed broadcasts. The fly-out playlist panel can be easily scrolled to access content quickly. For long lists there is a convenient search function to quickly find content. Expand to full screen for best viewing experience and to reveal additional player controls.

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Matariki Festival 2020

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