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Digital Vision Live - Tech Zone

Tech Zone HLS

5 Nov, 20

JW Player + HLS

The Tech Zone HLS

This is where we test new streaming and player technology.

Currently we are trialing HLS with JW Player.

Over time we will be sending streams of our events here for you to experience what we are working on.

HLS offers more efficient streaming by creating small chunks of easily digestible streaming media at multiple different bit rates and resolutions.

This allows seamless playback on multiple devices over multiple types of network whilst intelligently adjusting to suit changing conditions.

Catch Up DVR

We are currently working on instantly available video on demand and DVR control so you can jump back in time to recap and then fast forward back to to live when you have caught up.

This is great if you arrive late for the start of an event or you want to replay a key moment or pause the action to take that mid event phone call.


Our events will still run simultaneously over our current network so rest assured you will not miss any action if the new technology has a moment.


We will be adding a feedback form to this page so you you can send us your thoughts.. tell us what you like and what you think needs improvement.


If you experience any issues with the stream please first refresh your browser.

Click the link for more information on using the Chromecast feature of the player.