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National Volleyball League

NVL – All Games – VOD

11 Jul, 21, 10:00 am - 11 Jul, 21, 2:30 pm


The new National Volleyball League (NVL)

The NVL has now ended for 2021.

Catch all the action that was streamed here in the player above. Click play then click the grid icon to reveal all the other games.


3rd and 4th place play-off games from weekend 2 July 11 Christchurch.

All games from weekend 1 June 26/27 Auckland.

There also links to the Sky Sport Next games on YouTube listed below.

New Zealand’s best athletes

Have been selected through an EOI draft system to play against each other in a compact competitive event. Games will be livestreamed and will run back-to-back, using the international portable court which will create an awesome live atmosphere.

Sunday July 11

10am: 3rd & 4th place play-off – Northern Moana v Midlands Te Waiora – Men

12pm: 3rd & 4th place play-off – Central Hauwhenua v  Northern Moana – Women

Saturday June 26

8.30am: Northern Moana v Central Hauwhenua – Men

10.30am: Southern Pounamu v Midlands Te Waiora – Men

12.30pm: Northern Moana v Central Hauwhenua – Women

2.30pm: Southern Pounamu v Midlands Te Waiora – Women

4.45pm: Central Hauwhenua v Midlands Te Waiora – Men

6.45pm: Northern Moana v Southern Pounamu – Men

8.45pm: Northern Moana v Southern Pounamu- Women

Sunday June 27

8.30am: Midlands Te Waiora v Central Hauwhenua – Women

10.30am: Southern Pounamu v Central Hauwhenua – Men

12.30pm: Northern Moana v Midlands Te Waiora – Men

2.30pm: Southern Pounamu v Central Hauwhenua- Women

4.30pm: Northern Moana v Midlands Te Waiora – Women

Semi-Finals and Finals

Finals & Semi-Finals games from the July 10/11 Christchurch event will be streamed Live on SKY SPORT NEXT.

Semi-Finals 1: https://youtu.be/PCIzL9dOHzk

Semi-Finals 2: https://youtu.be/B0QKYJXc0UI

Finals: https://youtu.be/d0xu3Ub8Xog

Third & Fourth place games Live here.

Click to play then click the “Grid Icon” Playlist Grid on the player toolbar to reveal the playlist of VoD games.

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