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LIVE stream platform

Stream your video content and live broadcasts to audiences across New Zealand and around the world. A globally accelerated network with over 100 global nodes. The platform is optimized for quality & performance, not cost. Deliver content to your viewers at the fastest possible speeds, resulting in reliable viewer experiences.

LIVE stream production

With over ten years experience in delivering video productions for local and national events, corporate communications, schools, sporting organisations of all sizes and live entertainment such as shows, you can trust us with all your live video production needs.

Our live platform


Stream your videos and live broadcasts to audiences across New Zealand and around the world, thanks to our super-fast content delivery network. A robust platform with innovative features such as content tags for easy search, reference ID's for directing content to deployed players, simulcast, chromecast, analytics and much more.


Host your live stream on our dedicated website. No need to worry about high viewer numbers bombarding your own website. We have a simple method for you to submit your event details and viewer requirements. Get your Live event ready for your audience quickly and easily.


Playlists are a great way to add multiple Live streams or VOD content to a single player using our Reference ID feature and playlists. Great for sporting events with multiple concurrent Live streams and VOD of past games for catch up viewing.


Automated cloud recordings can be set on all your Live Streams. After your Live stream ends the recordings are made available almost immediately as VOD content. Ensure viewers never miss the action.


Configure your Live stream player to receive manual or automated ad injection. Set your own schedules and connect to professional Ad services such as VAAST or create playlists from content directly uploaded to our platform. Set Ad bumpers and stingers to auto play every time the player is launched.


Deliver direct camera feeds back to our studio from multiple locations ready for remote video production. We add graphics and additional content such as commentators or advertising. SRT technology is revolutionizing Live video production.


Live scores directly into your streams as overlay graphics or as a data source. This allows scoring to be done directly by official scorers at the venue independent of where the production is taking place.


Paywall services directly built into the player for ease of use and simplicity. Manage subscriptions for Live and VOD content. This is a custom service and is available as an add on.